20 November 2008

oh superman where are you now? everythings gone wrong somehow

Capt. Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper of the Navy, an astronaut on a mission to the station, was on the first spacewalk of the mission, which involves cleaning and greasing a balky rotary joint, when she discovered that a grease gun had erupted inside its tote bag. While she cleaned up that mess, the bag — containing two grease guns, scrapers and other equipment — floated irretrievably into space.

A woman astronaut? Really? What's next, women voting? Women doctors? Now what if she were describing something women were actually good at? Instead of "fixing a billion dollar piece of equipment that's traveling at 17,000 mph 200 miles above earth", what if she were describing...something like giving handjobs?

I opened up the bag and there was cum everywhere. Well not everywhere, but everywhere. It's interesting in space with things like a handjob. It exploded.I don't know if exploded is the right word to use, but it kinda seeped out and it was just kind of a continous ooze.Unlike something on the ground where you'd find a big blob of cum, or a big pile of cum, it doesn't happen that way in space. In space it just comes out in a small stream and then it breaks off - 1/2 inch piece, an inch piece and then it floats off, you get a lot of little pieces of cum everywhere.

That filthy zero gravity handjob giving astrowhore! This shit never happened on Apollo 15

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