12 December 2008

I can feel your eyes go through me but I don't know why

I've worked in a restaurant before. It can get rather messy. One time my dog licked my pant leg for an hour because I smelled like food---or because I drank too many roofie coladas. Anyways, I would never dream of taking a bath in the deep sink. Oh you know, the one that the guy named "Nacho" uses to soak all the dirty pans. That is exactly what three lovely gals did at a KFC near Reading, CA. Of course it's not the sexy girls in the cage to your left. That would be way too hot to comprehend. No, it has to be three broads who have never turned down one of the Colonel's famed "bowls". The only thing that could have been sexier would have been all three of them taking a "grease-from-the-deep-fryer" shower. Then the night manager saying to himself, "fuck my life" and setting them all on fire. Ultimately retiring to the office, dressed as Malibu Barbie, and writing the schedule for next week.

Extra gravy. To go. Please and thank you.

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