13 December 2008

I cannot believe it's true, are you really doing the things you do?

Yep. We're fucked. As if Red Sox fans weren't superstitious enough. They're changing their road uniforms to resemble those from the 80s. We all remember the 1986 World Series right? Fucking Bill Buckner.

"For long-time fans, the new road jersey will be a trip down memory lane, in that it will resemble the road grays worn in the 1980s during the days of Jim Rice, Dwight Evans and Bob Stanley." -Red Sox COO Mike Dee. "

Mike Dee, seriously, what the fuck are you thinking? Haven't we suffered enough? I'd rather look toward the future of the Red Sox. Not the goddamn past. Especially the fucking 80s! (well, at least the Red Sox in the 80s) Why would you want to remind us of 86 years of heartbreak and "close but no cigar" seasons? I hope you get hit in the head by an errant foul ball on opening day.

Oh yeah, they get new "alternate" hats too.

They suck also.

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