08 December 2008

now she don't even know my name. But I think she likes me just the same.

Any football fan hates it when their team plays really shitty. I'm a little different, I can't stand my team losing to a squad with busted looking cheerleaders. Where the hell did they find these broads? Working the late shift at Denny's in Greenbelt? Fuck. Is that really a Sharpie in her boot? Is Cal Ripken-Fan-For-Life from Dundalk going to ask for her autograph? If you're going to give me the disservice of making my team look bad you can at least let everyone in the nation believe you may have some attractive women in your city. I think I'd rather jack off to pictures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg while rubbing Cholula all over my sweaty man-tits. Oh, how I loathe thee Charm City.

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