11 December 2008

you want it, you've got it, you've got to go

It is that time of year. The all-knowing hipsters at Rolling Stone have published their top 50 albums of 2008. As soon as I heard TV on the Radio's "Dear Science" back in September, I was firmly convinced it was the best long player of the year. I was shocked Rolling Stone would agree. They are normally all about the Top 40 drivel that occupies the terrestrial airwaves. Fear not kids as we dissect the rest of the "50 best albums of 2008".

#2 Bob Dylan: Tell Tale Signs - The Bootleg Series Vol. 8
Don't get me wrong, I love Bob. However, it's getting to the point (with Rolling Stone) that if he were to release an album burning his house down with a bunch of Taiwanese sex slaves---then pulling the ether bunny on Joan Baez and/or Pete Seeger---it would generally get favorable reviews. Five stars. Instant classic.

#12 Guns n' Roses: Chinese Democracy
We waited thirteen years for this vile crap? Did the editors even get past track four? Sounds like a collection of shitty James Bond themes. And I mean worse than this.

#40 Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer
Really? In this instance you have to ask yourself one question: If I was a teenage girl, would I be ashamed to listen to this crap ten years down the line? The answer is a resounding "yes". Hopefully, someone will get their walking papers over this one. Which brings me to:

#41 AC/DC: Black Ice
Easily not their best album. How in the hell do you rate those teenage douchebags over AC/DC? Angus Young looks like a convicted child molester wearing that outfit. But he still knows how to rock! Hell, if he did molest some children I would give him a pass. Just because he plays the hell out of that Gibson SG. Any self-respecting parent would be proud to have their child molested by Angus Young.

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