29 December 2008

you'll say "my, it's been a long, long time", I'll say "how are you? I've been fine"

While the Lions may rank dead last in the National Football League, Detroit still ranks #1 in at least one category. That's right, highest overall crime rate among cities with populations over 500,000!!!! So sorry Baltimore, better luck next year. Get fucked St. Louis. There are so many more ways to get assaulted in Detroit and the surronding suburbs. It brings a tear to my eye. And it's due to dedicated individuals like Michael Nordstrom.

GOODLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A 40-year-old Lapeer County man beat his girlfriend with a cell phone, bound her with duct tape and held her captive for about nine hours because of text messages from a friend, authorities said.

No doubt it probably looked and sounded something like this:

and the very next night:

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