31 January 2009

but I cannot turn back the years

So Phil's Birthday came and went and, although I didn't forget to write about it....I was fucking busy....I should have made time for Phil. So happy birthday Phil. Unfortunately the best I could come up with was:

top 5 Phil tributes & covers

(the first person to point out that Mariah Carey covered Against all Odds is going to get gorilla masked)
enjoy bitches

#5 - Reel Big Fish - Another day in Paradise
This is far and away my least favorite Phil song of all time. And by least favorite I mean I fucking hate it. However, this cover has a sort of Marty and Elayne feel to it and is all and all not too bad.

#4 - Nonpoint - In the Air tonight
from Miami Vice

#3- Postal Service - Against all Odds
from Wicker Park

#2 - Disturbed - Land of Confusion

#1 - Grand Theft Auto - In the Air Tonight

What better way to pay tribute to Phil then by including him as the central theme to a video game?

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