09 January 2009

now maybe I'm right, or maybe I'm wrong

An additional Elvis tribute will have to wait until the anniversary of this death.Trying to come up with a list of round eyes that love sleepyheads, and chatting distracted me from putting it up last evening. Instead:

top 5 Songs I'm down with this week

#5 - Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing!

I first heard this track while I was enjoying a night filled with Red Bull and Hate and have been a fan ever since

#4 - Brand New Start - Little Joy

This one has a very rock-a-billy sound, like it could have been recorded by Buddy Holly, or Elvis. And the lyrics have been fucking with my head a bit - so fuck off

#3 - List of Demands (Reparations Song) - Saul Williams

Not sure why I can't stop listening to this song....oh wait, I know why - it's baaaaaddddd assssss.Call the police! I'm strapped to the teeth and liable to disregard your every belief. Although it doesn't appear on this album-"The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust" makes me L-O-L

#2 - That's All - Genesis

Do you like Phil Collins? I celebrate the entire Phil and Genesis catalog with only one exception (another day in paradise can eat a dick) it's strange how hearing a cover band play a song can make you remember how great it is on the way to a night of getting black out drunk

#1 - One Night - Elvis Aaron Presley

According to Elvis's entourage prior to the '68 comeback special when they would leave performances they would hide Elvis under blankets in the back of the car. They told Elvis that they didn't want to cause a mob scene when his fans saw him driving off; the truth of the matter was they didn't want Elvis to see that there were no fans left. This was one of the last few songs in the '68 comeback special, and one of my favorites.

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