11 January 2009

she's an easy lover

Really Bitches? I get that this broad works in the "adult industry". And by works in the adult industry I mean she is a shameless whore who lets dudes take her to the boneyard for an insanely small amount of money. I have more respect for prostitutes than I have for broads in porn. (except Brandi Belle, I'd drink her bath water) At least if a hooker spots something she thinks is a genital wart she makes the dude put a condom over his balls, believe me - I know. This whore just told him not to go too deep? Really Bitch? She let some dude who's balls look like a cross between Frank Beamer and Norv Turner's faces dick her down for what I can only imagine was about $200. She is by no means a porn-star. Take it from someone who watches a lot of porn...and by a lot of porn I mean I'm writing this post in between cranking one out...she is not a porn star. Just your run of the mill meth addicted whore who got on a bus in Ohio and off in LA thinking she'd be the next noxema ad girl who instead of noxema is spending her time with a face covered in cum.

(Is this safe for work? Depends on where you work)

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