28 February 2009

do you really want to live forever?

A SEX-MAD Russian died after guzzling a bottle of Viagra pills to keep him going for a 12-hour orgy with two women pals. The women had bet mechanic Sergey Tuganov
£3,000 that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy them both non-stop for the half-day
sex marathon.

But minutes after winning the wager, the randy 28-year-old dropped dead with a heart attack, revealed Moscow police.

One of the women, named only as Alina, said: “We called emergency services but it was too late, there was nothing they could do.”
Can't say I fault him, I'd take that bet 7 days a week and twice on Sundays. Especially knowing that if you lost you could just pay the ruskies in question with a pair of Levi's and a half smoked pack of Marlboro Reds. I don't care if the two women in question were featured in this video...I'm still putting stones.

27 February 2009

I know, I'm gonna tell you right now

This Friday top 5 has a definite theme to it.....

top 5 Songs I'm down with this week

#5 - Wonda Why They Call U Bitch - 2Pac

#4 - Used to Love Her - Guns 'n Roses

#3 - Headshrinker - Oasis

#2 - I don't care anymore - Phil Collins

#1 - Kiss Off - Violent Femmes

26 February 2009

man of our times, he's a man of our times

February 26, 1932 - September 12, 2003
Johnny Cash was a gangsta before it was fashionable. Hey, I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I'm certainly not the dumbest. I mean, I've read books like The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Love in the Time of Cholera, and I think I've understood them. They're about girls, right? Just kidding. But I have to say my all-time favourite book is Johnny Cash's autobiography, Cash by Johnny Cash
top 5 Johnny Cash Songs

#5 - It ain't me babe

Aside from maybe drinking 15 red bull and vodkas and talking about how much hotter you think her sister is, there's no better way to let the special someone in your life know that you might just not be the man of her dreams than by putting this on your next mix tape

#4 - A boy named Sue

Sue? Yeah his parent's were big Johnny Cash fans. He's a mean dude. I've seen him smash a guy's face into the curb. He knocked out his teeth... blood... He was just like Boom, Boom, Boom... fuckin nasty shit, man. He's a nice guy though.

#3 - 25 minutes to go

A song about the last minutes of a condemned man life before he's executed

"Then the sheriff said boy I'm gonna watch you die got 19 minutes to go
So I laughed in his face and I spit in his eye got 18 minutes to go"

#2 - Folsom Prison Blues

Quite possibly the best line ever written
"I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die"

#1 - Cocaine Blues

"99 years in the Folsum Pen, 99 years beneath that ground, I can't forget the day I shot that bad bitch down"

24 February 2009

gonna blow right down inside your soul

This is gonna blow - that's for sure. One word...wow. I love John Cusack. High Fidelity is my all time favorite movie, I thought Grosse Point Blank kicked ass, City Hall was great, Say Anything, Better Off Dead all great. I even kind of liked The Ice Harvest, Being John Malkovich wasn't really my thing, I shelled out $12 to see 1408, and I got a few laughs out of War Inc. But this, this sounds fucking horrible.

John Cusack, Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson ("Knocked Up") are set and Clark Duke ("Sex Drive") is negotiating to star in MGM comedy "Hot Tub Time Machine," which Steve Pink will direct.
Production starts April 20 in Vancouver. Cusack and New Crime partner Grace Loh will produce with Matt Moore.

Scripted by Josh Heald, the comedy follows a group of friends who are frustrated when they return to a ski lodge where they partied as teens. They then get in a hot tub -- which happens to be a time machine -- and get transported to 1987.

Really Bitches? Really? Just on the title alone, this movie is going to suck ass. And the description: "They then get in a hot tub -- which happens to be a time machine - and get transported to 1987". Let the hilarity ensue. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they end up in a hot tub with Phil taking turns doing blow off of Christie Brinkley's ass, but it seems unlikely.

20 February 2009

it's an illusion, it's a game, a reflection of someone else's name

February 20, 1967 - April 4, 1994
Hard to believe Kurt would be 42 today had Courtney Love not killed......errrr...had he not committed suicide.
top 5 Nirvana Songs

#5 - Verse Chorus Verse - Unreleased 1991

#4 - Breed - Nevermind 1991

#3 - School - Bleach 1989

#2 - Negative Creep - Bleach 1989

#1 - Lounge Act - Nevermind 1991

06 February 2009

turn off you mind, relax and flow down stream

Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981
This seems to me like what it would feel like to pick your favorite child.... if you have more than one that is.
top 5 Bob Marley Songs

#5 - Survival - 1979

#4 - Jamming - 1977

#3 - One Love - 1977

#2 - No Woman No Cry - 1974

#1 - Waiting in Vain - 1977