15 April 2009

its just another day for you, you and me in paradise

"What the fuck are you carrying a gun for? In case somebody steps to you, Snoop
Dogg? Who's gonna jack your fuckin' K-Car? He's right Sue you don't need to
carry a gat!"

It always surprised me that the Grand Theft Auto video games took place in some made up city, Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas, etc...when they neglected the perfect location - Detroit! Once again ensuring that the fine city remains on the top of any list comparing crime demographics comes the following report out of Hockey Town:
Dutch reporter mugged in Detroit

DETROIT, Apr 14, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) -- Dutch journalist Jacqueline Maris says she'll try to present a balanced story about Detroit, despite having her rented car stolen at gunpoint.

Maris, 50, a reporter for VPRO, Dutch public radio, was back in the Netherlands Monday after completing a three-part series called "Stories from a city in free fall," The Detroit Free Press reported. The series tells of the resilience of Detroit residents amidst increasing decay and of facing a 9 mm pistol last week when two gunmen hijacked her car, the Free Press reported Tuesday. The thieves did not try to take recording equipment or expensive cameras belonging to her cameraman, neither of whom were hurt.

During nine days in Detroit, Maris and her cameraman encountered "drugs, gangs, wild dogs and garbage," she said, noting she was struck by the decay of neighborhoods outside the central business district. "It's very shocking. Wherever you go you see the houses that were once the houses of dreams. You see once there was a thriving life there," Maris said, describing Detroit as a city where "many people are trapped."

I will admit I was a bit dissapointed to read this. She was in Detroit for nine days, and only car jacked once? Lazy ass criminals. Clearly, more dedication is needed if Detroit is going to run away with a number one ranking again this year.

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