21 April 2009

misery turns fifty

Robert Smith
born April 21, 1959

Back when MTV didn't show real world/road rules challenges all day long, my aunt produced a show called Hangin' with MTV. During the summer of '92 I got to sit in the audience for a live taping of the show that featured Ringo Starr and his All-Starr band and none other than the cure promoting the Wish album. I got to meet Ringo, but declined meeting Robert Smith before the taping. His appearance was a little to much for a ten year old Rob Gordon to take. I wish I could say that after watching a live performance of "Friday I'm in Love" I was an instant Cure fan, however it would be a few years before I grew to appreciate it. Probably right around the time the weight of the world crushed my will to live....Regardless, happy 50th birthday to Robert Smith

top 5 Cure songs

enjoy bitches

#5 - Lullaby Disintegration - 1989

#4 - Friday I'm in Love Wish - 1992

#3 - Disintegration Disintegration - 1989

#2 - Pictures of You Disintegration - 1989

#1 - In Between Days The Head on the Door - 1985

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