02 April 2009

soon I was living with fear everyday, of what might happen that night

Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr
April 2, 1939 - April 1, 1984
"I sing songs about life"
Happy 70th Birthday to the "Prince of Motown". One of the most influential musicians of all time. Shot down by his father one day prior to his forty-fifth birthday. (following is from www.trutv.com)

Marvin Jr. had begun to stockpile guns when he returned home from the Sexual Healing Tour. He kept a cheap machine gun in his bedroom at one point until his mother insisted that he get rid of it.

For reasons not entirely clear, Marvin gave his father a handgun, an nregistered .38-caliber Smith & Wesson, at Christmas time in 1983. On the night of March 31, 1984, Marvin Sr. was angered because he was unable to find a document concerning an insurance policy. He stormed around the house and yelled at Alberta, whom he blamed for losing the document. He was still angry when he awoke the next morning, Sunday, April 1, the day before Marvin Jr.'s 45th birthday.

At about 11 a.m., Marvin Sr. hollered up the stairs at his wife, who was in Marvin Jr.'s bedroom. The son went to the top of the stairs and hollered back that he should speak to Alberta's face if he had something to say.

The father hurried up the steps and entered his son's room. Marvin Jr. leaped up off the bed and pushed his 70-year-old father out into the hallway, knocking him down and kicking him.

Alberta interceded and the men separated. Marvin Jr. returned to his bed.
The father got up and went down the hall to his own bedroom. After a few moments,he returned to Marvin Jr.'s threshold. He raised a hand toward his son, and Alberta could see he was holding the .38 pistol Marvin Jr. had given him.

He pulled the trigger, and shot his son in the chest, tearing through his heart. As Marvin Jr. slumped off the bed to the floor, his father strode forward and fired again. The second shot was unnecessary.

Marvin's brother, Frankie, ran to the sound of shots. His wife, Irene, called 911. Paramedics arrived to find Marvin Sr. sitting on the front porch. They demanded to see the gun before they would enter the house. Irene found it under Marvin Sr.'s pillow and threw it on the lawn. Gaye was rushed to California Hospital. Resuscitation efforts were in vain. He was declared dead at 1:01 p.m.

In an interview following the death of his son, Marvin Gaye, Sr. would say:

"I pulled the trigger," he said. "The first one didn't seem to bother him. He put his hand up to his face, like he'd been hit with a BB. And then I fired again. I was backing towards my room. I was going to go in there and lock the door. This time I heard him say, 'Oh,' and I saw him going down. I do know that I did fire the gun. I was just trying to keep him back off me. I want the world to know it wasn't presumptuous on my part."
And then in perhaps the most cold blooded thing a father can say about his son:
Asked if he loved his son, Marvin Sr. chose his words carefully before saying,"Let's say that I didn't dislike him."
Due to his age (70 years at the time)Marvin Sr. pled guilty to voluntary homicide and received 6 years of probation. Marvin Sr. would die of pneumonia in 1998.

If the day ever comes where Rob Gordon Sr. is looking for me with a .38 he better be ready for the Desert Eaze to breathe on that ass.....

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