28 May 2009

the last of the famous international playboys

top 5 Smiths songs

The highly anticipated follow up to the top 5 Morrissey songs, and it only took me a good six days to narrow down the field to the top 5. enjoy bitches:

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

The Queen is Dead 1986
"what ever you put down in a lyric to define your love or hate for anyone he'll do it one better, cause he's the best lyricist i've ever read" - Noel Gallagher. Nowhere is that more evident than in there's a light that never goes our, "And if a double-decker bus, crashes into us, to die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die, and if a ten-ton truck, kills the both of us, to die by your side, Well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine"

Girlfriend in a Coma

Strangeways, Here We Come1987
Who hasn't had a girlfriend that they wished was in a coma at some point or another? I'm not talking about dishing out an Ike Turner-esque beating, rather maybe she has a nastly slip and fall hits her head and ends up in a vegetative state...not long enough for you to have to contemplate pulling the plug, just long enough so you don't have to listen to her bitch and moan for a few weeks. "Girlfriend in a coma, when I heard it I nearly crashed my car and ended up in a coma. He has that gift, THAT is not the mark of a miserable man. There’s just miserable people who don’t get the humor." – Bono
I Want the one I can't have

Meat is Murder 1985
Contains one of my favorite lyrics of all time. "And if you ever need self validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway station". For the record, I'd totally blow the mozzer behind a railway station....wait what? Meat is Murder was the second studio smiths album and the first produced solely by Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr. Morrissey has been an outspoken vegetarian since the age of eleven, however he has given one example of when meat is okay when he had this to say, “all I said was bring me the head of Elton john, which would be one instance when meat would not be murder, if it was on a plate”
Shoplifters of the World Unite

Single 1987
Morrissey has called this his favorite Smiths song in several interviews over the years. I'm no Rick Rubin, but if you're looking to put out a bad ass song, take a cue from the smiths: 1) put a black and white photo of Elvis on the cover, 2)Include the lyric "My only weakness is a list of crimes, my only weakness is ... well, never mind, never mind, never mind", 3) when ever you perform it live, don't be afraid to sex it up like the mozzer.
How Soon Is Now?

Hatful of Hollow 1984
Liam Gallagher put it best- "Morrissey...you can't really sum that geezer up in a nifty sentence because, everything about him is contrary." He goes on to tell the story of pissing his pants on the city bus while reading a Morrissey interview in NME before offering this on guitarist Johnny Marr, "As for Johnny Marr, there's nothing he can not do......the man's a fucking wizard." "You can't be influenced by Johnny Marr because he's unique, beacuse you can't play what he plays, even he can't play what he plays. He's told me stories about trying to re-create the begining of How Soon is Now? and fuck it's like being in an Abott & Costello sketch, even he's not as good as he is. Well fuck me, if anyone knows how to play a guitar it's him"


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