13 July 2009

mozzer monday - the last of the famous international playboys

I went back and forth over which song I'd use to kick off the inaugural "Mozzer Monday" but ultimately decided to forgo the slow build up and instead go with my current favorite:

"I think a lot of people, in order to be seen, in order to be famous and in order to be acknowledged, do something destructive or commit murder. In America, the perfect example is serial killers who quite obviously don't mind being caught and don't mind being known as mass-murderers. They want their element of fame, and they always get it."

The song is a eulogy to the Kray twins who dominated London's east end in the 50's and 60's, however when asked by James Brown of the NME in '89 about the song the mozzer said, "The last of the famous international playboys are Bowie, Bolan, Devoto, and me!" He later added:
"I think I must be, absolutely, a total sex object in every sense of the word. A lot of men and a lot of women find me unmistakably attractive. It amuses me. I sit down and wonder why, and then someone writes me a beautiful letter and tells me why...and a lot of the male followers who are as far as the eye can see natural specimens have very anguished rabid desires in my direction. I find that quite histrionic. Even though an equal proportion of female followers do too, perhaps that's less remarkable than having a vast army of male followers. They're not multi-sexual beings or Urban Warholian creatures, they're just your very, very natural living breathing boys."
clearly - he got my letter

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