08 July 2009

who's got the get fresh flow?

born July 8, 1970

"Somebody told me you all wanted to hear some beats! Somebody told me you all want to hear some stuff blow up! Somebody told me you all wanted to hear some beats go in effect! I don't think you know what you got yourself into! I see folks gettin' down just 2% of the way! I see folks gettin' down just minus 50% of the way!"

top 5 Beck songs

enjoy bitches

Guero - 2005
One of the Hanukkah pimps most successful singles, Beck described this song as "like Nelly but with a garage band". Essentially Beck rapping over a bluesy guitar and a drum sample from the Beastie Boys 'so what'cha want?'. The Guero album was co-produced by the Dust Brothers, and in some ways is a return to the Odelay album from 9 years earlier. E-Pro made it to #1 on the modern rock charts giving Beck his first number one since Loser in 1994.
Lost Cause

Sea Change - 2002
Most of Beck's work is pretty upbeat, this maybe one of the only slow 'break up style' songs, although Beck has said in interviews the song is more about the city of Los Angeles rather than the end of a relationship. Of the line "This town is crazy, nobody cares", Beck said, "Yeah, it's an L.A. line,I wanted to take that line out, but I was too lazy. It is, though. People are very, I don't know, blasé"

Mellow Gold - 1994
The song that put Beck on the map. Originally released on Bong Load records in 1993, Beck teamed with Carl Stephenson and wrote the song in a matter of hours in Stephenson's living room. Beck had been playing coffee shops playing mostly folk music, bus still aspired to be somewhat of a beat box rapper attempting to emulate Public Enemy's Chuck D on the songs chorus. However, his skills as a rapper left him unimpressed, "When [Stephenson] played it back, I thought, 'Man, I'm the worst rapper in the world, I'm just a loser.' So I started singing 'I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me." One of the 500 vinyl pressings of Loser eventually caught the attention of Geffen Records and the song was re-released on the Mellow Gold album. The majority of the song's lyrics are non sequiturs, notably 'And my time is a piece of wax falling on a termite, who's choking on the splinters' to which Beck later explained that he was living on the roof of a shack and saw a termite up there chilling with a 40, and it started choking, but he was unable to save it.

Odelay - 1996
To this day, the best concert I've attended was March 26, 1997 Beck at the Patriot Center. Odelay is one of those albums you can listen to the entire thing, and it won Beck a grammy for Alternative Album of the Year in 1997. One of the best quotes from Beck regards 'the enchanting wizard of rythm', to which Beck explained, "We had to helicopter him in from Oxnard. He is in mighty demand these days, but we booked him about 12 months ahead of time and we provided transportation and Zankou chicken"

Midnite Vultures - 1999
Only Beck could cold step to you with a fresh pack of gum. Beck is a big fan of R. Kelly and the sexual R&B rappers. "It's fascinating to me, these guys singing R&B with a very sweet, smooth groove, but they're singing about how they want to get some girl's panties off and do them real good. Very explicit, but very sensitive at the same time. It's a really weird juxtaposition," Beck says. For reasons unknown Beck recorded this song with the Dust Brothers, intending to release it on Odelay, but chose not to. He began performing it as a part of his live shows in 2005. Beck was playing a tiny 250-person club in his own backyard of Silverlake. "I'm a little bit uneasy about this," Beck announced, "but I'm gonna try something. It could be a disaster, so I'm just warning you! How many of you here are down with the slow jams? Who's got the get fresh flow? This is straight-up soul for real. Jodeci. Men2Men." Instead of Zankou Chicken, he name checked Kentucky Fried Chicken, but otherwise, lyrically, the song was not far from how it is now.

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