24 August 2009

mozzer monday - bigmouth strikes again

The guitar rift from Bigmouth Strikes Again was formulated by Johnny Marr while doing sound checks during the Meat is Murder Tour. He would later say that he had set out to write the equivalent of the 'Rolling Stones' Jumping Jack Flash saying, "I wanted something that was a rush all the way through, withour a distinct middle eight as such. I thought the guitar breaks should be percussive, not too pretty or chordal."

The vocals are essentially the Mozzer lashing out at his critics asserting himself as a musical martyr. When asked by the NME later that year if there was anything he regretted saying, he said, "I can't think of one sentence...we're still at the stage where if I rescued a kitten from drowning they'd say, "Morrissey Mauls Kitten's Body." So what can you do?" Legend has it that the line 'As the flames rose to her roman nose and her Walkman started to melt' was inspired by a sketch on The Kenny Everett Television Showin which the comedian listens to his headphones while being burned at the stake. The backing vocals on the chorus are actually Morrissey's voice played through a harmonizer to achieve the 'chipmunk' effect, credited on the album to Ann Coates - an homage to the Ancoats district of Manchester where the smiths were formed.

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