31 August 2009

mozzer monday - you're the one for me fatty

First, about the song. It may have been an attempt to disgust Jefferson Steercock, but there is no doubt that Morrissey is saying fat girls can get some too. The inspiration came from one of the Mozzer's favorite comedians, Victoria Wood, and her declaration of love for her over weight husband Geoffrey Durham. Strangely enough, Mozzer's record label took out a full page ad in the NME promoting the single and in the same issue on the very next page a review of the song, written anonymously, suggesting that Morrissey was a one-trick pony appeared: "If he's clever, he could do a Quentin Crisp and get a gimmick, like refusing to wash his cutlery or his groin for a decade." Side note, the brits are on a whole other level of insults. Is refuse to wash your cutlery the equivalent of your momma's so fat? Regardless, a spokesman for Morrissey later said, "They took the money, and even then the rubbished him. How shameless can you get?" Bollocks.
Now on to more important matters. Where to begin on this one? I'll start with a random thought, completely random. If you think that Rod Stewart and Michael Bublé are better than Elvis you'd better look like a perfect 10 model or hope that I get put in time out. I have to admit I didn't really know who this Michael Bublé was until the next day when I googled him, and that only added to my rage. It's safe to say that my man Steven Patrick Morrissey has more musical talent in his perfectly coifed hair than that economy Frank Sinatra wanna be tosser Canadian fuck stick. I digress. Never has the choice for Mozzer Monday been clearer than today. Perhaps it's her insatiable appetite for Wendy's late night menu, challenging my boys to the quad whopper challenge during bathing suit season, the fact that she lists 'eating' as one of her interests on her facebook page, possibly the fact that she's so sexually enlightened, maybe it's her giant rack, could be anything. I dig it. Here's to you:

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