07 September 2009

mozzer monday - death of a disco dancer

One of the more overlooked Smiths classics. Even today, it still finds it's way in to most of Morrissey's solo sets. It's also the only song ever released by the Smiths where the mozzer picks up an instrument credit for his piano work saying, "I just fell onto a piano and began to bang away". The lyrics are more or less a follow up to "Panic" which was recorded less than a year earlier. Showing Morrissey's distaste for the rave going ecstasy taking crowd even hinting that their 'love, peace, and harmony' dreams were just that. 'Very nice' and perhaps possible only upon death 'maybe in the next world'. If you listen to the original studio recording on Strangeways, Here We Come turned up as loud as possible (and why wouldn't you turn it up as loud as possible) just before the end around the 5:22 mark you can hear Johnny Marr remark "Some bits..." before it cuts off. Studio mics picked him up declaring, "Some bits of that were incredible!". Agreed.

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