14 September 2009

mozzer monday - we hate it when our friends become successful

One of the Mozzer's idols, Oscar Wilde, famously stated, "Your friends will sympathize with everything but your success." With that in mind, Morrissey penned this tale of finding fame while living in an overwhelmingly blue-collar suburb of Manchester, saying, "There's this vicious sense of competition in Manchester - so many jealous, vile creatures. That's what We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful is all about. In Manchester you're accepted so long as your scrambling and on your knees. But if you have any success or are independent or a free spirit, they hate your guts." When asked during the same interview about British Comedian Vic Reeves, who had recently released a skit entitled Morrissey The Consumer Monkey? and even went so far as to call the Mozzer a cunt, Morrissey fired back, "Well, he has to be the biggest pop star in Manchester and he must trample on anybody who threatens his position. He always has surrounded himself with people who can barely talk and who are no threat to his "personality". The day that somebody shoves him in the boot of a car and drives his body to Saddleworth Moor and leaves it there, is the day that Manchester music will be revived."

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