14 September 2009

ol' dirty bastard still king of awkward award show moments

So Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA's last night. Good for him, you can say what you want about him being rude, drunk, etc... but The College Dropout is still the shit. Sure, Taylor Swift is kind of hot, in a girl next door way, but Beyonce's song couldn't be more played out, and who gives a shit about MTV anyway? For the best and most warranted award show speech interruption you have to go back to the 40th Grammy Awards ('98), when none other than Ol' Dirty Bastard himself interrupted Shawn Colvin's award speech for Song of the Year to protest Puff Daddy's win for best rap album. A few observations: what the shit is Puffy doing winning a Grammy? Who the fuck is Shawn Colvin? Subquestion, how many Grammy voters did she fellate to win song of the year? Mmmm...bop totally deserved the win. Not only was ODB right, but wu-tang is in fact 'for the children'.

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