20 October 2009

i've come to wish you an unhappy birthday

"I know what you're thinking...you're thinking those are the biggest boobies you've ever seen. I'm not your average woman...I like sex and I'm not afraid to admit[cough, hack, cough]. Excuse me I just had pudding an hour ago. You ever parked your bicylce in an airplane hanger? You ever thrown a toothpick into a volcano? Ohh...I'm sweating. You're making me all hot! OHHHHHH CAKES & PIES!!!! "
365 days, countless references to transvestite hookers, broads with low self esteem, getting hammered, my overall hatred of females, phil, morrissey, and of course space bitches...space!. Oh, and two posts each from this guy, and this guy...thanks for the help wankers. Happy first birthday to going down like a monkey.

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