12 October 2009

mozzer monday - certain people i know

morrissey, mozzer
I was talking with George [Morrissey's bodyguard] and he was saying that even when he was on the road with Motley Crue, when they were shifting millions of records and were the ultimate in hard-rock excess, that even then the fans didn't have anything like the intensity of the people that follow you.
"I wouldn't, for instance, imagine that George Michael does. Similarly with Madonna; I can't imagine anyone loving Madonna and wanting to get onstage, and hold her, and squeeze her, and not let go. She doesn't inspire that. She may sell millions upon millions of records - similarly with George Michael or Michael Jackson - but I don't know that people really, really love them in the way that I feel that I am loved by the people who come and see me. So, yes, it's baffling."- 1992 Interview with Spin Magazine
During the 1992 promotion tour for Your Arsenal, Morrissey attracted a mob not seen since the British invasion of the Beatles years earlier. A midnight appearance at the vinyl solution (which makes me l-o-l, by the way) in Grand Rapids, Michigan attracted over 2,000 fans. President Bush was in Grand Rapids at the same time, however the media choose to cover Morrissey instead. 1,200 people turned up at Houston's Record Rack the next day, (no word on how many fans turned out at Chicago's Championship Vinyl), and hundreds turned out for a ten minute set on Hangin' with MTV in New York City, where he played 'certain people I know', for the final stop in the promotion tour.

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