26 October 2009

mozzer monday - i'm throwing my arms around paris

morrissey, mozzerAh Paris. La Ville-Lumière! Sometimes you think you're going on a nice vacation to Paris - next thing you know the harlot you went with is breaking up with you because you didn't propose to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve, when all you really wanted to do in the first place was check out the view and maybe try to talk her into giving you a handjob on the elevator ride down. Maybe she even loses her shit on you because even though she told you she speaks French, which she clearly doesn't, it's somehow your fault that you got lost because you can't read the directions the concierge wrote down for you. Perhaps, she even makes a cab driver stop in the middle of the Champs-Élysées so she can get out and throw a fit because you'd rather go take a tour of the Stade de France or see where Jim Morrison is buried than go to another god damn museum. Or maybe you went to Paris and had fun..whatever.

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