19 October 2009

mozzer monday - the queen is dead

"When you consider what minimal contribution they make in helping people. They never under any circumstances make a useful statement about the world or people's lives. The whole thing seems like a joke, a hideous joke. We don't believe in leprachauns so why should we believe in the Queen? And when one looks at all the individuals within the Royal Family they're so magnificently, unaccountably and unpardonably boring! I mean Diana herself has never in her lifetime uttered one statement that has been of any use to any member of the human race. If we have to put up with these ugly individuals why can't they at least do something off the mark!" - 1986 interview with NME
Morrissey goes on to call Prince Charles a closeted transvestite ("I said Charles, don't you ever crave, to appear on the front of the Daily Mail, dressed in your Mother's bridal veil?"); recreating the famous Buckingham Palace invasion by Michael Fagan (So, I broke into the palace, with a sponge and a rusty spanner"); before discusing the adverse effect the rain has on his hair (We can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry, and talk about precious things, but the rain that flattens my hair, oh, these are the things that kill me).

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