27 November 2009

castles made of sand fall in the sea...eventually

jimi hendrix, guitar burn
James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix
November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970

"Before the show at Monterey, we were starting to talk about the running order. More for Brian Jones who was introducing us I think, and Eric Burden who was introducing him, or vice versa I can't remember anymore, and they wanted to know what was going to come first and we couldn't really decide. So we just said well you know, I said to Jimi I said 'fuck it we're not gonna follow you on'. So he said 'well I'm not gonna follow you on.' So I said listen 'we are not gonna follow you on, and that is it. As far as I'm concerned, you know, we're here ready to go on now our gear is gonna be there, that's the end of it.' And there was a certain look up in his eye and he got on a chair and he played some amazing guitar just standing on a chair in the dressing room. Janis Joplin was there. Brian Jones. Eric [Clapton] and me and just a few other people standing around and he got down off the chair and just said, turned around, to me and said, 'If I'm gonna follow you - I'm gonna pull all the stops.'" - Pete Townshend

Legend has it a coin was flipped and Jimi Hendrix took the stage after the Who and staying true to his promise of pulling all the stops lit his Fender Stratocaster ablaze upon the conclusion of Wild Thing at the 1967 Monterey Pop Fest. And who took the stage after Jimi? The god damn Mama's and the Papa's. When asked about using gimmicks in his sets like playing behind his head, playing guitar with his teeth, and setting his guitar on fire, Hendrix offered a very Rick James esque explanation:
"Gimmicks. Gimmicks, here we go again, gimmicks man, I'm tired of people saying we're.... gimmicks, what is this? The world is nothing but a big gimmick, isn't it? Wars, napalm bombs, all that, people getting burned up on tv and it's nothing but a stunt. Gimmicks? Yes we do.”
jimi hendrix

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