23 November 2009

mozzer monday - let me kiss you

"American society would consider her to be royalty. I don't see her as royalty, I mean I just see her as Nancy really. I think in the history books her father is one of the most famous people in human creation, he's more famous than most royalty." - Morrissey on Nancy Sinatra
In 1997 Morrissey left the United Kingdom and took up refuge in Los Angeles, just off Sunset Blvd. Living in a home that was built for Clark Gable's mistress Carol Lombard, who died tragically in a plane crash almost as soon as she was given the keys to the home. The home was once owned by F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Schlesinger, and currently sits right next door to Nancy Sinatra.
"One time I was in London and Morrissey came to my hotel to see me and the thing that sticks with me most about that is the hug that he gave me. Because, he's just a great hugger." - Nancy Sinatra on Morrissey
In 2004 both Morrissey and Nancy Sinatra (on Morrissey's vanity record label Attack Records) released Let Me Kiss you. Morrissey's version would reach #4 on the UK charts while Nancy's version peaked at #46.

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