16 November 2009

mozzer monday - stop me if you think you've heard this one before

morrissey, mozzer
Much to Morrissey's dismay, 'stop me...' was never released as a single, it was set to be released a mere two months after Michael Ryan killed 17 and wounded 15 in the Hungerford massacre in August of 1987. Morrissey's claim that the beating he'd endured caused enough pain to make a buddhist plan a mass murder (And the pain was enough to make, a shy, bald, buddhist reflect, and plan a mass murder) immedediately led record execs to think that he was eulogising a spree-killer. Morrissey would later say, "I desperately, desperately wanted that to be released, Rough Trade sent white labels along to Radio 1, but they said they would never, under any circumstances play it because of the line about mass murder. They said people would've instantly linked it with Hungerford and it would've caused thousands of shoppers to go out and buy machine guns and murder their grandparents."

And , so I drank one
It became four
And when I fell on the floor ...
...I drank more

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