04 December 2009

phil friday - keeping it real in the name of phil

Nobody tells DJ Request what to play. Let them tell you what to play, they loose respect for you. They loose respect for you, you loose control. Not today...

Sometimes you wake up at 6am on a Sunday and go watch your favorite side lose a home match to Liverpool 5-1 and to add insult to injury come out of the pub and find your car being towed down the street all because you took the parking advice of some fucking wanker. However, on the otherside of the pond, a greater injustice was taking place. Liverpool captain SG8 decided to celebrate his two goal performance, and what better way to celebrate than by having a few pints, listening to some phil, and maybe having a good cry? But DJ Request would have no part of the celebration, so Stevie G did what any good phil fan would do - beat the piss out of him. "Hey Guys, a couple of guys came in here earlier looking for Vanessa and I got a little bit of bad news for you, Vanessa is dead, here's Phil Collins"

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