01 March 2010

mozzer monday - i'm ok by myself

morrissey, mozzer, west hamIt shouldn't come as any surprise that the man when asked about his death, To whom would you whisper your last goodbye? replied "To my very best friend...myself" would pen a song entitled 'I'm Ok By Myself'. Should you ever find yourself laying around your apartment reading 'don't jump books', drinking ketel one straight out of the bottle, thumbing through the yellow pages for escorts, and having a good cry that lasts for days - this song should do the trick (if only Morrissey had released this in 2004). Take solace in the line "this might make you throw up in your bed; I'm ok by myself" and then stop being such a whiny little bitch, because i don't need you - and i never have, i never have.


Angie said...

Old as sin, but I dig Mozzer Mondays.

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