08 March 2010

mozzer monday - redondo beach

Quite a few of Morrissey's singles have been covers, and Redondo Beach is far and away my favorite. Patti Smith originally released Redondo Beach in 1975 on her album Horses. When introducing the song Smith used to say "Redondo Beach is a beach where women love other women" and who doesn't like that? The song goes on to tell the tale of a lesbian couple who get in an argument and one of the broads ends up going down to the beach and killing herself.

Desk clerk told me
A girl is washed up
Was small, an angel
With apple blond hair now

Which leads me to the time I went to Dewey beach with this broad I was dating, who just so happened to be blond. Low and behold, since she had a history of being a psychotic freak, ended up starting a huge fight with me over god knows what. If only she'd have listened to this song maybe she too would have drowned herself and I wouldn't have had to listen to her bitch, moan, and complain the entire seven hour ride back through Memorial Day traffic.

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