16 March 2010

top 5 goal celebrations

Kiss the ring? Lame. Dogpile your teammates? Overplayed Punch the corner flag? Done before. Drop your pants? That one actually makes me laugh. Give a fascist salute to your neo-nazi fans? That one's been done before too. With this summer's world cup a mere 86 short days away, and the start of the MLS season March 25th....maybe here's a look at the top 5 goal celebrations judged by yours truly.

#5 - Peter Crouch
1996, 6 foot 7 inch Peter Crouch scored England's second goal against Hungary and proceeded to set goal scoring celebrations back decades.

#4 - Jurgen Klinsmann
Klinsmann had a history of diving, long before his arrival at White Hart Lane in 1994. He famously asked in his first press conference 'if there were any diving schools in London'. After scoring against Sheffield Wednesday he pioneered 'the dive' which has been imitated ever since.

#3 - Clint Dempsey
Who could forget the Duece's goal and cha-cha celebration versus Ghana in 2006? It should be easy to recall as it was the only goal scored by a US player in the 2006 World Cup. Top notch finish, world class cha-cha.

#2 - Robbie Fowler
In April of 1999 Fowler celebrated his strike against Everton, whose fans had long alleged Fowler had a drug habit, by simulating doing a line of blow on the Anfield Touchline. For his celebration Fowler was suspended four league matches and fined £60,000, that's the equivalent of 41 kilos of coke for those keeping score at home.

#1 - Alan Shearer
Vince Lombardi said it best, "Act like you've been there before". Safe to say with 283 goals in 559 premiership appearances, AS9 has definitely been there before.

honorable mention - getafe cf
Flipping your shirt over your head has been a long standing celebration, but Burger King, sponsor of la liga side Getafe, has taken it to the next level. Printed on the inside of their kits is the head of what may be the creepiest corporate mascot in the history of corporate mascots. Celebrate with the King bitches. Our footie is shit, but our jerseys are top notch.