02 April 2010

phil friday - rock and roll hall of fame

genesis, phil collins, peter gabriel, 1974
Finally Phil and the boys getting the accolades they deserve. I've never been a phish fan, however Trey Anastasio's induction speech was pretty damn good. Here's hoping that Phil's wish of another Genesis reunion tour, with Peter Gabriel,(although he was apparently too busy to attend the induction ceremony) comes to fruition.

01 April 2010

here's to you march

boca juniors, river plate, superclasico
March 2010. Worst month ever. So in addition to turning 29 and my resulting depression, I was told by my bald boss, that my hair is unproffesional. Taking hair tips from a bald man would be like taking prescription drug advice from Keith Moon. As if that weren't egregious enough, I had to move, was told that I walked like a fag, found out that an ex of mine is getting married, and got fucking set up by two so called friends and had to spend an evening with an asshole ex-boss of mine. Here's to you March, sucking my cock. Regardless, I can take solace in the fact that however bad my month was, at least i don't have a dick tattoed on my back, at least that I know of...from metro uk:
A football fan is suing a tattooist who drew a penis on his back instead of his favourite team's badge.
The teenager asked to have the Boca Juniors logo etched on his back. But the tattoo artist was a supporter of rival team River Plate and decided to have some fun at his young customer's expense.
The victim, who cannot be named, said: 'I could not see what he was tattooing because he didn't have a mirror. I only saw it when I got home and showed it to my parents.'