08 July 2010

how the shit is beck 40?

How the fuck is the genius who gave the world MTV makes me wanna smoke crack turning forty today? Hard to believe that the man who wrote Satan Gave Me a Taco, the best song about doing nitrous and smoking broken pencils -fume, and of course Truck Driving Neighbor Downstairs is forty years old today. If you know me, you know my personal favorite song Beck ever wrote is the quintessential slow jam, light a candle - turn the lights down low, most baby making-est song ever written: Debra. It's only fitting that when Sandra Bullock introduces him, she's sporting a proper case of 'just fucked hair'. In honor of Beck's fortieth birthday, I wanna send this out long distance dedication, Delilah After Dark style to a special jewish lady and her smoking hot sister, who's name I can't recall, on the West Coast. I wanna take you up to Glendale, mmmmm, take you for a real good meal.

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