16 August 2010

mozzer monday - pregnant for the last time

morrissey, mozzer2010 has been an interesting year, and by interesting I mean it has sucked ass. But sometimes just when you think things have bottomed out, life has a way of slapping the living shit out of you and reminding you that things can always get worse. And although this doesn't involve me in any direct way, the selfish side of me can't help but think how this is going to inconvenience and negatively effect me in the long run. More over though, I'm astounded by the mentality of certain people, and by astounded I mean my mind is fucking blown, and by certain people I mean women, and by women I mean Rob Gordon Jr's mother. Apparently, deciding that you want to get pregnant by your douchebag, speech impediment having boyfriend whom you just moved in with two months ago because your crazy ass welfare ridden sister, who already has five kids from five different fathers, and your sister-in-law are both pregnant and you just can't be the one left out of that group - is the newest trend. It's the new hot shit - everyone is doing it! There is, however, a more time honored tradition, a trend that has been in existence much longer than making some ill-advised 'pregnancy pact' with friends and relatives, one that has stood since the dawn of time, since the first troglodyte knocked up his neanderthal lady friend. That is of course, telling the ass clown who knowingly agreed to go along with your misguided plans of having another child that you were in fact succesful and pregnant, and having him promptly break up with you and telling you to move out.

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