15 October 2010

phil friday - an odd review of no jacket required

I thought I was to the point where I no longer found the Hitler reacts to insert whatever current scandal is occuring at the moment subtitle parodies from Downfall - but I'm not going to lie to you, this one amused me greatly. And while No Jacket Required is far from my favorite Phil album, the assertion that all his songs should be upbeat couldn't be further off base. The album was good enough to win the Grammy award for album of the year and even managed to bump the Smiths Meat is Murder from the number one position on the UK Album Charts.

who the heck told you that wearing a grey suit...

would mask your failure as a human being? Not the best effort from the special one, and I have to admit that the close up on pupet José is a bit creepy - but nice to have the show back. Be Champions - bitches!

11 October 2010

mozzer monday - ian mcculloch on morrissey

morrissey, mozzer
Good luck trying to decipher Echo & the Bunnymen front man Ian McCulloch's tale of a meeting with Morrissey that took place during a co-interview. From what I can gather McCulloch ordered duck and Morrissey said there was a 'chasm' between Liverpool and Manchester...and McCulloch didn't know what 'chasm' meant. That about sums up the coherent portion of the video. Enjoy:

09 October 2010

some stories are better left untold

pj harvey, spin magazine, May 1995
So today is the lovely PJ Harvey's forty-first birthday. This is less about her and more about my favorite subject - me. Some trips down memory lane are better than others. And some trips remind you that you're a disgusting, disaster of a human being. Sometimes you read that google books has digitized the cover of every SPIN magazine since it's inception and you start to peruse the covers until you get to the May 1995 cover. And then it hits you. A memory you'd long since repressed. That once upon a time you rubbed one out to that very cover. Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the supporting details. That in June of 1995, you had a hand party to that cover whilst sitting in the car...in your grandmother's driveway. And slowly you come to the realization that not only are you a disaster of a human being, a disgusting miscreant, incapable of functioning within modern society - but that you've been this way longer than you'd care to remember.

08 October 2010

phil friday - the people's champion?

phil collins, the ultimate warrior
Phil Collins vs. the Ultimate Warrior. Some would argue that picture needs no explanation, most would say 'what the shit was that?'. From a website I never thought I'd visit, wrestlecrap.com comes the following:
One of the bonus features on the DVD was an actual NBC special from (I believe 1991). It's an hour-long special containing cameo appearances by a virtual who's-who of early 90's stars... Weird Al, John Candy, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta just to name a few. The special is ridiculousy bad. See, the concept of the Phil Collins special, "Seriously," is a bunch of network executives (Gilbert Gotfried, Vanessa Williams, and I think Vincent Pastore) are trying to come up with a concept for Phil Collins special... Seriously. They think of a number of failed ideas including making the special a children's-themed country show. The tried remaiking "Singin' in the Rain" with a big band... No Dice. They even tried performing on a currently-sinking Titanic, less concerned with their impending deaths than finishing up "Just Another Day in Paradise." My particular favorite (aside from Hellwig's) is Phil donning a fat sweatsuit and rapping "Don't Lose My Number" with fellow fat boys Ed Lover and Dr. Dre. Then the execs have a breakthrough, which is where the attached video picks up.

Enjoy bitches: